**** Unique 3D Photo Crystal Birthday Gifts ****

Abel M A

Birthday are always very spacial to everyone. If you get a gift its going to be even more special. If the gift is a unique one you have not seen before, it would be a memory for life time.

We have a very unique option here - 3D PHOTO ENGRAVED CRYSTAL. You sent us you desired photos, we convert it to 3D models And produce it inside Crystal cubes. Your photo inside crystal cubes looks like a sculpture of the person. You can also have a small greetings message depends on the occasion like birthday, wedding, wedding anniversary etc. You can choose different crystal shapes depending in your occasion of celebration. If it is a Wedding Anniversary, you may choose a heart shaped Crystal. Check out website Www.fusioncrystals.com for all the models available and you may place order online. 3D Crystal Gift Will definitely be the most beautiful gift you may choose next time when you have a Celebration.

Use of 3D Crystals : Birthday gift , Wedding Gift, Wedding Anniversary Gift, Retirement Gift etc.

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